IKEA Family Magazine, Herbst 2008  



Set the wonderful realm of your imagination free and escape into a fantasy world! In the amazing stories Silke Leffler creates with her children´s illustrations, anything is possible. Take a trip with her friends from IKEA FABLER children´s range...

Silke: Let´s go on an adventure...

IFL: Aren´t we a bit old for that?
Children have the power to become anything they want to be. They´re not constrained by reality. Give a child a stick and they will let it bloom. My own children travel around the whole world in simple things like a laundry basket or a box. Anything goes.

What´s the story here, then?
The story behind my new FABLER range is that the animals all love each other. They´re all having fun together - a mouse and a cat get along, a giraffe rides in a strawberry car. It started with quilt covers and blankets. Now there are carpets, cushions, sleeping bags, soft toys, lampsshades. Not forgetting the book I created with writer Karen Salmson.

A book? What´s it about?
It´s the story of the day Crocodile came to the village, but all the other animals were scared of her teeth.

What else are you creating at the moment?
Currently, I´m working on a range of gift books on subjects like "birthdays" and "love". I´m also creating cards, advent calendars and wrapping paper.